TeamSpeak Server

Rules for the enjoyment of all.

  1. Please be considerate of your fellow players!
  2. Please refrain from cursing as younger players maybe in the channel.
  3. Initial entry is at guest privilege level in Lobby channel. To move to another channel a member must move you.
  4. Any Member may Kick a guest out for violating rules (please type reason during kick). Any member may move guest at guest’s request to other channels since they can’t move themselves.
  5. If you have a complaint please email , use TeamSpeak complaint tool, or post in forum.
  6. Members may create temporary channels (7 days) to have private conversations.
  7. Members may create privilege key to promote a guest to member ( please put guest name on key when creating ). Verify with the guest that they should registered on website to receive email updates if password is changed.
  8. Red and Blue team channels are provided for in game team coordination.
  9. Initial password as guest is ‘doggone’ Please to not share password the person needs to read rules at website. Email you used to join website will be used to send you new password if it has to be changed.
  10. Remember if someone is abusing you in the channel the Start Recording is available on your TeamSpeak software under the tool menu. Abusing other members or guest is a banning offense.